Cognitive Six workshop held at CPSI 2014 on June 18-22, University at Buffalo

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This week I will be presenting at CPSI ’60 -Extending Track Education Sessions for the Creative Education Foundation Conference June 18 – 22, 2014:

The Cognitive Six: A Guide to Teaching Thinking

The Cognitive Six refers to the skills our brain uses naturally for organizing information. Practice of the Six develops the 21st Century learning skills of Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication. I have used the Cognitive Six for many years with great success and believes it is a valuable tool for answering that question, “How DO I Teach Thinking?”  My book, The Cognitive Six: A Guide To Teaching Thinking, will be published this year, and I look forward to engage participants in an ongoing dialogue.

If you are in the area or attending the conference, I sure hope you can join us while we:

  •  Identify and practice the Cognitive Six (classification is one).
  •  Connect the Cognitive Six to the 21st Century learning skills.
  •  Analyze the CPS process for the Cognitive Six

Please visit  link for details:

Thanks, and have a great day! 

2 thoughts on “Cognitive Six workshop held at CPSI 2014 on June 18-22, University at Buffalo

  1. Hi Lou~
    I’m eager to read your new book as soon as possible. You’r session in CPSI2014 is one of best session ever I had participated. Thank you one more time~

  2. Wow, the Cognitive Six workshop participants at CPSI 2014 overall evaluation report rated this session a 6.4 out of 7 for the overall quality of this program on a 7-point scale.
    Here is a summary of the participant responses on the workshop’s outcomes:
    • This session exceeded the expectations of all of the participants.
    • They all would highly recommend this sessions to others
    • They agreed that the materials for this session supported the program
    • They commented on the strength of the session and suggested that “All teachers should take this”.
    • They also solidly agreed that there were no areas needed to be improved to support the quality of the session.

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments and hope to see you at future workshops.

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