By Louise Loomis & Thomas Smith

It is with great pleasure we are pleased to announce that the Cognitive Six: a Guide To Teaching Thinking is complete and available for you to purchase.

Since the vast amount of language used daily in our world—in print, talk, and media—is generally lacking in critical analysis and problem solving, we believe it is imperative that thinking skills become part of general education and daily life.

The Cognitive Six are the ways in which our brains naturally organize information.

Awareness and Practice of the Cognitive Six has many benefits:

  • Produces control of information
  • Provides a language to communicate about thinking
  • Develops a habit of thinking about thinking (Metacognition)
  • Makes learning easier
  • Generates transfer
  • Makes people realize they are smart and that feels good
  • Is the foundation of critical thinking and creativity

The Cognitive Six enables all users to meet the challenges that require thinking and problem solving in their lives. This is accomplished without disrupting the demands of daily activities.

The Cognitive Six: A Guide to Teaching Thinking cost is $30.00 plus ($1.91 CT sales taxes) /per copy. Include an additional $5.00 shipping and handling charge/per book if being mailed.

We also offer the Train of Thought (a Classroom Tool for Teaching Cognitive Six) at $15.00/set. Each set contains 8 (8½in X 11in) cards

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