Learning Styles Preferences


How do you learn best? Each person has a different learning style.

This checklist will help you discover your learning styles preferences.

Read each sentence and consider how it applies to you. Then, on the line in front of the sentence write a number from 0 to 4 as follows:

4=always applies, 3=often applies, 2=sometimes applies,

1=almost never applies and 0=never applies



___1.  I enjoy doodling.

___2.  I remember something better if I write it down.

___3.  When trying to remember something new like a telephone number I make a picture of it in my head.

___4.  When taking a test, I can “see” the textbook page.

___5.  I remember how people look.

___6.  When I get directions to a place, I need to write them down.

___7.  I can picture things easily in my head.

___8.  I have to see something to know its real.

___9.  I need written instruction.

___10. It’s easier for me to work in a quiet place.




___1.  I like to read aloud.

___2.  When memorizing something I say it over and over.

___3.  I like to discuss the things I am working on or learning.

___4.  I don’t need to take notes.

___5.  I remember what people say.

___6.  I like to record things and listen to the pages.

___7.  I’d rather hear a lecture than read a textbook.

___8.  I can easily follow a speaker even though my head may be down, or I may be staring out my window.

___9.  I talk to myself when I’m problem solving or writing.

___10. I like to be told how to do something better than reading the instructions.




___1.  I don’t like to read or listen to directions: I’d rather just start doing.

___2.  I learn best when I am shown how to do something and then am allowed to do it.

___3.  I can concentrate better when music is playing.

___4.  I like trial and error better than step-by-step directions.

___5.  My workspace looks disorganized.

___6.  I need frequent breaks while doing a paper or computer work.

___7.  When I take notes, I never reread them.

___8.  I do not become easily lost.

___9.  I think better when I can move around: long hours at a desk are not for me.

___10. When I can’t think of a word, I use my hands and call something a “what-cha-ma-call-it” or a “thing-a-ma-jig”.


(From: Lynn O’Brien, Specific Diagnostics, Inc., Rockville, MD, 1985 in STATE OF OREGON, TRAINING LITERACY TUTORS materials. Adaptations made by Louise Loomis, Ed.D., 1995. Form obtained by the latter from the Counseling Center of Hartford College for Women of the University of Hartford.)





Fill in the graph to match your total points for each style. For example, if you have 23 points for Style #1, draw a line across the first column between 20 and 25 and then color in the area below the line. Do the same for the other two styles.

What does your graph show you about the ways you prefer to work and learn?

Style #1 =VISUAL      Style #2 =AUDITORY      Style #3 =KINESTHETIC

What did you discover about your Learning Style Preference? Was it right?

Tell us what you thought, we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. What did you discover about your Learning Style Preference? Was it right?
    Tell us what you thought, we’d love to hear from you.